Tips about Kik Sexting

Kik sexting can seem like a scary experience, mostly if you have never done it before. However, it can turn out to be a fun and rewarding experience, but only if you do it right.

X-rated texts are indeed rising in popularity as more young and old adults are getting into it. Some define it as is the perfect foreplay and the best way to live your horniest fantasies and fetishes. Moreover, it adds a little adventure to your real sex life. However, you should always be careful and safe when sexting online. On top of this, you can consider the tips below for a useful sexting session.

1.     Take it Slow

Do not rush into anything. Instead, start slow. When you find the person you might be interested in, do not just rush into asking them for their kik nudes.  Begin the conversation with a ‘Hello,’ then ask a few questions or give out compliments.

Treat sexting like you would treat real sex. You do not want to jump into sex without a little bit of warm-up, so you should treat sexting the same way. There is no need to start aggressively. Just set up a nice and friendly scenario and you can work your way up.

2.     Know What to Look For

You cannot have what you want without knowing what you are searching for in the first place. The first tip to successful Kik sexting is for you to understand your preferences.

KikSext is packed with plenty of handsome men and sexy women. But this is not enough. Therefore, you should look into personal details to fulfill your desires.

For instance, do you prefer curvy ladies, one with tattoos or piercings, a bisexual, or perky boobs? Or perhaps you are into men with beards, six-pack, tall, short, with tattoos, or gay Kik. Just make sure to note down what your preferences are, and you can start from there.

3.     Be Adventurous

As I said before, sexting for the first time can be an intimidating experience. You might feel awkward and uncomfortable during your first sexts, but you will be okay once you get hung of it. Remember, it is okay for a novice sexter to feel this way.

It might seem a little bit silly to share such messages with someone unfamiliar to you. However, remember that sexting is the best way to help you explore and reach out to your wild side. You will be joining tons of people who are newbies or experienced in this. So let loose and set your freaky side free and begin sexting with guys or kik girls who are just trying out to be as wild as you.

4.     Use Emojis

Emojis are not just meant for letting the world know you are happy, angry, bored, or sad. You can also use them to let someone know what you are feeling or thinking sexually. But you have to understand the emoji lingo and the correct way to use them in sexting, or you can always get creative in your texts.

Some of the most commonly used emojis for this part of the world include eggplants, peaches, honeypot, and taco. The eggplant represents a man’s penis; peaches are the bottom, honey pot and taco are for the vagina. Emojis are great to use, especially if you are a shy guy who cannot utter out some words or share nudes.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. I have listed some of the best tips to help you with your sexting journey. Just make sure you are safe out there and avoid trolls. Besides, make sure you loosen up yourself a little bit so that you can enjoy sexting to the maximum.