KIK - A World That Goes Beyond Messaging

Ask your grandparents about how they met, and you will get to hear an interesting (and old-school story). Several years ago, people would meet each other through friends, colleagues, parents, or even in school/college. There are chances your grandparents met during a war. Love stories can be strange, tragic, happy, or supremely romantic. Well, times have changed, and meeting new people is a cakewalk. Thanks to the messaging and dating apps - we are now able to get in touch with people from across the globe.

When you were little, you would tell your mother how you wish to travel the world and fall in love with a French man. It is possible! Speaking of messaging apps, KIK has been the youth's favorite application to meet new people.

Before we rave about the Kik application, let's give you a little introduction.

Introducing KIK - A Popular Messaging Application

There are many messaging applications available on playstore, but Kik comes with a twist. There is a whole world that goes beyond messaging. You can meet new people here regardless of where they live and what their age is. After all, age is just a number.

KIK is an instant messaging application. It is different from Whatsapp in several ways. Moreover, Whatsapp does not allow you to find people from different countries. It is a good way to keep in touch with friends, family, and love interests. Finding a date is possible via KIK.

A Great Way To Find An Attractive & Appealing Date

Not every person chases a woman/man with attractive features. Sometimes, a person is looking for a companion to talk to and share similar interests. Perhaps you spend a lot of time with friends and hang out at bars and restaurants, but nobody can catch your attention.

How about finding a date on KIK? First of all, let's break the news: many apps come with restrictions and extra charges. KIK does not charge anything and allows you to meet new people from different geographical locations.

You could meet an attractive Latina, a romantic French man, or a beautiful Indian girl. This is an open application, and it might not come with sophisticated features for 'dating', but it is a cheaper way to meet singles.

KIK Dating: Things You Need To Know

So, since you are getting started, it is recommended to share your KIK profile. Make a KIK profile - keep it alluring. The next step is to join the groups. The more groups you join, the chances get higher to meet someone new.

Well, you have to start talking to different people. You might hit it off with the first person, or you might feel a connection with the 50th person you talk to.

You can also create your public group for people to join. It could be a group of people who share similar interests. Name it, 'THE DOORS' or 'Single Mingle.' Be creative and make a group that catches everyone's attention.

Moreover, there is an address matching feature here. You have to go to the settings, and tap on Address Book Matching. The application will send a message to all your contacts who are on KIK. This way your circle will get bigger!

Concluding Thoughts

So, KIK is not just about instant messaging your friend or worrisome mother. It is a great way to meet new people who might be opposites or exactly like you!

Always remember that most of the people on KIK are trying to find a date or someone to talk to. You might end up becoming great friends or the relationship might bloom for several years.

So, go ahead and make a profile. KIK is one of the greatest platforms to find love, friends, and buddies for life.